Mod-1 Headophones Review: Bring the bass

Simplicity offered me on my new beloved headphones and made me understand what I experienced been lacking.

It is effortless to be distracted by functions on headphones ideal now. Google Assistant, instant pairing, and “dynamic” sounds cancellation are fun matters to perform with, but just about every of these functions sees the price little by little creep up while leaving at the rear of the fundamentals of a good pair of headphones. In my lookup for what need to be thought of table stakes for any good $100+ pair of headphones, I arrived across Modular and its to start with established of wireless headphones. Dubbed Mod-1, I located them good ample to deliver with me in all places for the very last pair of months.

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About this evaluation

I have been screening an early output Mod-1 in the Gunmetal coloration for two months. These headphones ended up delivered by Modular, and have been tested on five phones, two tablets, and several desktops in the course of my evaluation.

Bent to my will

Mod-1 Headphones Design

As wireless headphones go, Mod-1 does pretty minimal to stand out in the group. They seem like a dozen other headphones, with ports on the underside of the remaining cup and a very simple button-based mostly navigation process on the ideal. I immediately located a pair of extension rods on possibly side of the headband to suit the cups to my ears, with matte and shiny plastic surrounding almost everything. Extending the rods exposed a rigid metallic piece connecting the cups to the headband, and Modular verified that metallic band extends all the way across the headband. In actuality, that metallic band is a function — you are straight encouraged to bend that band to the form that is most cozy to your head. A single of a number of matters to make this headset “modular” in its design and style. I located the headset cozy ample out of the box, but with a few tweaks, the headphone cups hugged my head effectively.

Connecting the headphones may not be instant, but the NFC pairing on the side of the headphones will work effectively. The positioning of the NFC tag is a little bit awkward if you have a significant system with its NFC emitter in the centre, but for most phones, it truly is effortless to make the connection. When you have that connection, it will work just like any other Bluetooth headset.

The cups for this headset are loads plushy and truly feel nice. I prefer a pleather product to foam due to the fact it truly is simpler to clean up, and the padding all around my ears made the headphones cozy ample to dress in for hours. The circular cup is just not quite huge ample to truly be “more than-the-ear” sizing for my ears, but unlike most on-ear headphones there is certainly no unbalanced strain to make a element of my ears damage more than time. Ideal of all, the headphone cups are detachable, and Modular programs to make them effortless to swap with other alternatives if you so pick out.

Mod-1 stands out by becoming headphones I can easily use in all places.

Whilst I uncover myself utilizing these headphones wireless much more generally than I do wired thanks to the dearth of headphone jacks in my cellular equipment, I respect the headphone jack and the Micro-USB port resting on the exact side of the headphones. It indicates I’m not tangled up in cables, and due to the fact my laptop has its headphone jack on the remaining side it truly is a ease for me. What did catch me by surprise was becoming capable to use the Micro-USB port and the 3.5mm jack at the exact time, indicating I could demand my headphones for wireless use afterwards while nevertheless utilizing them at my desk. This isn’t going to operate with a stunning range of headphones, and it truly is nice to see Modular offering me the possibility right here. I uncover myself utilizing this function much more than I would like to acknowledge, many thanks to forgetting to demand the headphones at evening.

In spite of their pretty generic appearance, Mod-1 stands out by becoming headphones I can easily use in all places. The design and style will allow the headphones to collapse effectively for journey. I was capable to actually bend the headphones into the fantastic suit for me, and the cups are not only effortless to clean up immediately after a work out but built to be replaced when I inevitably dress in out the product masking the cups. I’m not declaring a nice electric powered blue or royal purple would make them much more cozy, but it absolutely sure would add a minimal flash to an if not strong design and style.

These price how substantially?

Mod-1 Headphones Seem

Some fast background on me — just before I began utilizing these headphones I was splitting my time among the portability-challenged Sennheiser Hd 598 Cs and the amazingly moveable but pretty minimal Trekz Titanium bone conduction headphones. I have not touched possibly in at least a thirty day period, and it truly is thanks entirely to how effectively the Mod-1 headphones have performed in replacing the pair for my everyday wants. The only caveat there is due to the fact it truly is been so cold right here this earlier thirty day period I have not been managing outside the house substantially. I’m happy with Mod-1 at the gym, but for outside routines, I would nevertheless prefer to hear the vehicles all around me.

Mod-1 delivers a heat sound with tons of bass. In actuality, possibly a contact also substantially.

Mod-1 delivers a heat sound with tons of bass. In actuality, possibly a minimal also substantially. I tweaked my equalizer on my phone a minimal to tone it down a little bit and located myself pretty happy with the effects. These sound like nice $100 wired headphones, which is challenging to pull off more than Bluetooth even with matters like aptX Hd and Bluetooth 5., neither of which is offered on these headphones. The 40mm driver in these headphones is just plain good, in particular if you enjoy much more than a minimal bass.

The relaxation of the sound profile for these headphones is just not heat ample to be muddy at large volumes, but the highs aren’t quite as sharp as they are on my Sennheisers and persons in spoken phrase podcasts come as a result of sounding a minimal further-toned than I’m utilized to hearing in other places. I truly enjoy the sound, but if precision is what you dig, these in all probability aren’t for you.

A “complete working day” of sound

Mod-1 Headphones Encounter

Setting up my working day at all around 5am, I’m usually putting on headphones for about 9.5 hours of my working day. On a active journey working day, I could possibly set headphones on as soon as I get out of the shower and not choose them off until I’m climbing into bed that evening. I did quite a little bit of journey with these headphones in the course of my screening and located myself regularly reaching for them the next working day. I like how effortless it is to journey with these headphones, how very easily I can dress in them for a full working day, and how nice they sound. These are the fundamental principles, and it truly is stunning how numerous function-packed headphones sacrifice these matters for the hottest buzzword.

These are fantastic, very simple wireless headphones, which for some purpose has come to be challenging to uncover.

That owning been said, there are a few matters I would like to see these headphones do a minimal much better. The battery in full wireless manner receives me just shy of 8 hours on my Pixel 2 XL, and pretty much a full hour much less on my Galaxy S8 and Apple iphone X. That’s not quite “all working day” like the marketing and advertising promised, but it is pretty shut and thinking about you can truly demand while utilizing the headphones in wired manner I can forget that on most days. The exact goes for the “sounds isolation” promised on the packaging. There is no tech right here like you uncover with sounds cancellation, just clever engineering in the way the headphone cups hug your ears to supply some external dampening. Not a deal-breaker, but a strong recommendation for the next work.

My only real criticism of these headphones is the microphone. Expressing these headphones have a mediocre microphone would be putting it nicely. I almost never experienced phone calls go effectively as a result of the headset due to the fact I possibly sounded distant or garbled due to the fact the microphone is positioned in an awkward location away from my mouth and just plain is just not pretty good.

There is minimal else about these headphones I would adjust. I like owning physical buttons to push alternatively of a contact interface, I’m happy they really don’t gentle up or flash standing lights all more than the position, and I enjoy not needing to master a voice or beep interface to accessibility functions. These are fantastic, very simple wireless headphones, which for some purpose has come to be challenging to uncover.

Get in on this, now.

Should you purchase it? Certainly

Whilst a ton of the huge names are earning $150 gadgets that also perform music, Modular made headphones that nail the fundamental principles and sound like it warrants its price tag. These aren’t for audiophiles or persons who want just about every function at any time crammed into a established of headphones. These are for everyone else, in particular if you like to fill your ears with bass.

Ideal of all, Mod-1 has launched these headphones as element of an Indiegogo marketing campaign with Early Bird choices wherever you can pick them up for $50. These headphones are fantastic at the normal $150 price tag, but for $50 if you might be wanting for new headphones you’d be foolish to not give these some serious believed.

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