Lord of Dice will launch globally this month on Android

Lord of Dice Android

Lord of Dice is the latest Asian cellular activity to roll west – well, it will be when it launches later on this month. Kakao Games has just announced specifically that, with a modest beta arriving just in advance of.

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You can pre sign-up right now to make some excellent bonuses when it comes like a ton of gems or better dice. There is a milestone nevertheless, so if you definitely want this things you’ll have to unfold the phrase.

Lord of Dice is a hit Asian board activity RPG coming soon to Android

Lord of Dice is a mix of gacha RPG and board activity. You collect a bunch of heroes known as Dicers, and make your way all over a grid. If you step on an enemy site, a fight ensues.

Every Dicer has its personal stats and talents, and there are above 200 of them. That indicates you can realistically create a team in your pretty personal vision.

If you adore JRPGs, board video games, or anime, Lord of Dice may well be the activity for you. Go and pre sign-up right now to get it as soon as it lands.


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