LG is done with the yearly smartphone release cycle, CEO confirms

  • LG Electronics CEO Cho Seong-jin claims the enterprise plans to unveil new smartphones “when it is desired,” fairly than to retain levels of competition with rival devices.
  • LG wishes to “retain current designs longer” with the release of further variants, for example.
  • What this suggests for the hypothetical LG G7 and LG V40 remains to be seen.

LG is arranging a rebrand its flagship G sequence this calendar year (a lot more on that underneath), but it appears to be like like the company’s plans may stretch farther and broader than a reshaping of naming conventions. Its cellular division is coming off the back again of 10 quarter-on-quarter losses, so now could be a fantastic time for a transform.

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LG Electronics Vice Chairman and CEO Cho Seong-jin sat down at CES yesterday to talk about, between other matters, LG’s future cellular approach (by using The Korea Herald) particularly, when it would reveal its following flagship.

“We will unveil new smartphones when it is desired. But we will not launch it just for the reason that other rivals do,” explained Cho.

“We approach to keep current designs more time by, for occasion, unveiling a lot more variant designs of the G sequence or V sequence.”

LG has usually introduced devices around the same time as its South Korean rival Samsung, but right after beating the Galaxy S8 to launch in 2017 with its LG G6, and nonetheless (by all accounts) getting trounced by it in sales, it is tiny surprise that this approach is becoming rethought. LG may not adhere to a rigorous yearly release cycle, but that does not signify that we will not see a new flagship the LG G7 or LG V40 introduced this calendar year.

In addition, although Cho referenced the G sequence in his reviews, we can nonetheless suppose this was for convenience’s sake — a rebrand would nonetheless be in line with the other changes in its cellular division approach.

Cho focused on LG’s new technique as anything the enterprise could maintain. “We observed it is vital to keep a fantastic platform for a very long [time] and fears rise above the offer of lithium components,” he explained.

People could be viable good reasons, but LG could just as likely be transforming its approach for the reason that its cellular company just is not financially rewarding anymore. At the last count, LG’s cellular unit was nonetheless responsible for hundreds of tens of millions of missing pounds, and it is anticipated to see its 11th quarterly decline in a row in the Q4 2017 earnings announcement coming soon. Retaining a fantastic platform is a single issue, but making telephones that will offer in astronomical quantities probably would not hurt either.


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