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Peggo: The Ideal Application to Record MP3 Files from YouTube and SoundCloud

We all agree that YouTube is a great a source of videos whether its music, podcasts, or other programming. Sometimes, we wish to listen to these songs without the visuals, but YouTube can neither be run in the background on your phone nor can you download videos from it. Though YouTube does have a download button in its app, this offline mode is disabled when it comes to music videos.

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To resolve this issue comes a great app Peggo. Peggo APK lets you save and record the audio of any video that is available on YouTube in MP3 format so that you can listen to it later or in offline mode. Even those songs that are hosted on Sound Cloud can be saved by it.

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Often people search through the net for apps that let them download videos from YouTube and you will get many options, but what makes Peggo.apk different is the experience and options it provides to its users. If you are wondering what APK means, then it stands for Android Application Package.

Peggo Features

Peggo has the following features:

Good User Experience

Peggo has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. All you need to do is enter the title of the content you want in the text box that comes on the main menu. Alternatively, you can use the link to the video on YouTube that you want to convert. Clicking the search button will give the desired result. Just tap on it and it will go to the recording screen where you will see the option ‘Record MP3’. Click on that and the video will get downloaded in MP3 format.

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As Peggo app uses the YouTube database to search the videos, using it is very much similar to searching on YouTube itself.

Number of Options: Any application that lets you choose audio or video file in different formats and resolutions is always preferred. Using Peggo, you get the option of recording only a specific part of a video if you want. You can do that by selecting the beginning and ending point of that part by dragging the length area. This way, you can also make a particular recording as your phone ringtone if you want.

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At times, you may face several issues related to sound quality like some videos get recorded at lower sound, while the others at higher. When downloading with Peggo, all recordings are normalized to the same volume that you are comfortable with. The silence that is normally there at the start or the end of a video also gets automatically removed. It also offers to record as MP4 format.

Availability: There are millions of downloads available on this useful, simple, amazing, and light weight application. In Google PlayStore, this app commands an amazing rating of 4.6.

Trust Factor: Trust is a very important criterion as you would definitely not like to go with fly-by-night operator. Peggo is a trusted application with no access to any kind of virus or malware or even any redirectable harmful links. There are no irritating pop-up ads that normally are a part and parcel of many applications. So, you can enjoy your favourite music in a free and simple environment.

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How to Download and Install Peggo APK?

It is very easy to download as you will find it on Google Play store. Once downloaded, for installation, proceed as under. The very first thing you need to do is enable installation from Unknown Sources. This is necessary if you want to install apps from sources other than play stores.

  • To enable it, go to settings of your phone either from home screen or the app launcher.
  • Tap on Security and then tap on installation from Unknown Sources to enable it.
  • If a confirmation dialogue appears, click on OK.
  • Now that installation from Unknown Sources is enabled, open downloads from your home screen and tap on Peggo.apk for installation to start
  • In case you are using a screen dimmer, you will be required to pause it. This is because Android prevents app installations if any app that paints directly to the screen is running due to security issues. You can, however, resume it once Peggo is installed.

Once the installation is complete, open the app and enjoy your downloaded high-quality MP3 recordings. Its volume normalization feature will drive you to enjoy it with headphones on. Peggo is an application known for its experience.

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